Three Days Since Mother’s Day

It has only been 3 days since Mother’s Day and remembering her was made difficult as I knew that it was close to the Memorial of her death 8 years ago.

I last talked to her the day before her death, it was the weekly dinner the next day. She rang me on the Saturday as the day before I had 9 teeth removed and she was checking up on me, little did I know the next day she would be dead.

I still feel much regret and sadness even after 8 years. When my brother rang the morning of the 16th, I had just woken up and when he told me, I for some reason did not take it seriously. I do not know why, but even after attending the hospital, I felt no emotion over her passing. If anything was angry as she was responding to treatment by the ambulance. Was aware of what was going on around her, even spoke to the neighbour who came over at the time she was being loaded into the ambulance.

Until this day I have not cried and grieved, I do feel the loss as my mother and I were rather close. For many years she tried to protect me from the abuse of my father, the psychological problems and bullies that plagued my childhood. When my father died in September 1979, 4 days after my 17th birthday. It was 6 months after at a party for my now brother-in-laws 18th birthday, I got absolutely paralytic. I had drunk so much, mixed my drinks, was totally wasted that I cried for over an hour over his death.

I stopped drinking many years before her death, but not sure what it means that I have to get totally drunk to feel any emotion. I am normally an emotional person but when it comes to death, I feel nothing. Maybe it is my lack of fear of death as discussed in my previous blog Fear of Death.

Back Row – Shaun, Cole, Bronwyn, Me, Jeff, Noeleen, Michael | Front Row  Simon, Kimberly, Kavi, Karley, Mother, Roxanne

Memories of the Past
Remember back to some funny moment one comes to mind that still makes me laugh even today.

We were helping family friends clean their house when they had moved out. As we were cleaning mother found a cylinder about 6″ long. After a few minutes, she came to me and asked how do you take the lid off this torch. As I looked at her trying to remove the cap I realised what it was. As I started to laugh I told her it is a vibrator, she looked at me puzzled, then I said a Dildo. You never seen someone drop an item and go straight to the tap to wash her hands before the dildo even hit the floor.

When I was 17 a neighbour had given my mother a sealed packet, both my mother and the neighbour read Colour on the packet so automatically thought it was used in Photography. At the time I was heavily into photography so they gave it to me. I looked at the packet and started laugh, both my mother and the neighbour were so embarrassed when I told them it it was not for photography but it was indeed a Condom.
Anyway will leave this blog at this point and post it.

They say a mother carries their child in many ways from conception until birth, through their infancy to childhood and beyond, mothers are part of us and us of them. So no matter when they leave us, our mothers are with us always.

As hard as the loss is, I get some comfort knowing and feeling that.

Take care my forever friends

Naturism – “My Days of Nudism”

na·tur·ist (noun)
1. A person who appreciates the beauty and benefits of nature.
2. A nudist.
Origin: 1675-85
Word Origin and History for Nudism
adjective and noun, from French nudiste or formed in English from nude (adj.) + -ist also see nudism.

Origin: 1925-1930

na·tur·ism|nud·ism (noun)

1. The practice of going nude, especially in places that allow sexually mixed groups, in the belief that such practice benefits health.

Hello my sweet friends, I decided I would write about my Naturism Lifestyle. Many people mistake a Naturist lifestyle as more of a sexual thing. It makes me sad sometime as a Naturist is really the official name for a non-sexual nudist. We enjoy spending our times nude, without the burdens of clothing dragging us now. Naturism is an ancient lifestyle going back to ancient time, prominent in places like ancient Greece where the Olympic participants competed nude.

In Adelaide, South Australia where I live we have a nudist beach about 40 km from the city centre. It was the first legal nudist beach in Australia, Maslins Beach opened in 1975 by the then the Premier Don Dunstan. Only half the beach is nudist, the southern end of the beach. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, there are 2 access points. At one end, the car park access from a seal road access is made through the clothed section. The other is on top of the cliffs, accessed by a dirt road. As you walk down there near the top of the cliffs is a toilet and outdoor shower. As you walk down the semi steep path you end up at the nude section of the beach.

Maslins Beach (1997)

A movie also is available, a cult movie obviously it is called “Maslins Beach”made in 1997. The acting is rather ordinary, but is made up by the beautiful scenery of the beach itself.

My Naturist Story


I have been a naturist myself since I was about 14 years old. My first trip to Maslins was a secret, I told my mother I was going to a friend’s house. Instead I took a bus into town, then a train and another bus to the seal car park of Maslins. Although I never been there before I started to walk to the southern end of the beach. I came up to a sign warning that I was moving into an unclad area. After a little ways further I seen nude people laying, walking and swimming. Anyway kept walking a little longer and saw the other path way through the cliff. I decided to go have a look up the path. As I walked up a steep path I came to a plato with green lawn, toilet block. There was 2 people, a man and woman using the outdoor shower. I walked back down the path to the beach. I set up on the beach, closer to the water but only undressed down to my underwear. At the time I did not feel comfortable going completely naked. I took my towel out of my bag and put my clothes into the bag. 

It felt really refreshing but I must admit that I was getting a little excited seeing all those naked people, ok the men ha-ha. It took about an hour before I took my underwear off and ran into the water. It felt so nice, just like taking a bath. I had to spend sometime in the water, had to hide my embarrassment. It took awhile but I left the water and laid down on the towel. I do not know how many people were at the beach, but there was many males and females of all ages. I spent about 4 1/2 hours at the beach before it was time to go home. I got dressed and walked back to the bus stop, I thought the bus would never come but it did and I managed to get home about 6pm. I was rather tired by the time I got home. It was a couple of weeks before I could go back.

Grant @ 15

I told my friend Grant about going there and he wanted to go there with me. That made it easier, I could stay at his house then we could both go to the beach the next day. Grant was ok if I went nude but he refused too. We left early Saturday morning, taking the trek of 2 buses and a train to get there. We walked down to the nudist section, I got naked and Grant stayed in his swim wear. We set up then went for a swim. The water at Maslins is very clear and unpolluted, when you swim out a little way there is a sand bank. Although Grant refused to go nude, it took a few hours but he finally felt comfortable enough to go nude. Grant and I became partners, often went back to the beach until we broke up when I was 16 years old. I continued to go to Maslins for some years but due to other circumstance it became less and less, especially after I left school in 1979.

For those who have read my blog “Who am I? Why was I born?” (not yet published). Grant and I had become partners, I was 14 years old and he was 15 years old.

In 1986 I was able to visit another place called Pelican Point Beach, about 220 km north-east of Adelaide. Not really a beach, it was more like a lake located at a Barmara’s Lake Bonney. In those days it was a place where people could camp along the lakes western foreshore. It is not a camping place any more due to the indigenous ownership of the lake but is located adjacent to the Pelican Point Nudist Resort. It remains a great place if you like lazing in the sun, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, or just getting away from life’s hassles. I hope someday I will visit Lake Bonney again.

My last visit to Maslins sadly was in January 2017 for the “Nude Games”. It has been going for some decades but stopped for a couple of years due to problems gaining insurance. Gladly I do not appear in the new footage ha-ha

There 2 other well-known nudist beach in South Australia that I have heard of but never been too sadly. Murrippi Beach located about 14.5 km from Whyalla. Murrippi is a secluded beach, it is along a dead-end dirt road, there is no facilities and is isolated. Beachport, home of the Sunland Holiday Village (Resort) about 350 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, Sunland Village also offers nudist camping. 

Fear of Death

Hello my friends, I hope life find all you guyz happy and healthy.

For those who read my last blog I brought up the question asked by my sister when I was laid up in hospital before my bypass surgery. I was joking around, a normal thing for me, then she asked:

You don’t fear death?

I keep going through that question and keep coming up with the same answer.

No I don’t fear death.

Frame of Mind is a powerful thing and my strength in controlling my thoughts  and emotional state has just gotten harder and harder since hospital.

Bad dreams; dreams of abuse, self harm, hanging dreams in particular. Why hanging dreams? Maybe has something to do with experience with it.

A Haunting Memory, Never Forgotten

In 1997 on my way home from football game day at PHOS Camden Football Club. I stopped to go to the toilet at South Parkland’s, a known gay meeting place at the time. It was just gone dark and as I entered the toilet I heard a noise. When I came out I walked a path and came to a park bench I notice a guy hanging from a tree. I have never forgotten what I had seen.

A young Asian man, long black hair, wearing a red t-shirt and sky blue track pants.

I contemplated, what I should  do. Do I get involved? In the end I could not take the chance that maybe a child walking through there the next morning, seeing him hanging. So, after checking for a pulse and made my way to my car and went to the nearest telephone box to ring police. For month later, on the way home from football and during working hours I would go to the bench he used to launch himself and just sit there. Asking myself why I didn’t see him as I drove up the site road, the area was visible to the side road, why didn’t I go look when I heard the noise? If I didn’t stop at a service station, would I have gotten to him before, was there anything I could of done. It was more than likely I probably would of talked to him even to say hello, just standing close-by might of stopped him. For what reason or reasons did he come to the drastic decision to end his life?

After months of doing this I went there one night and cut the branch off that he used. Short time later, the council had moved the chair. The memory and questions are still with me, just as strong now as they were 16 years ago.

I have come to realise that I may not fear death but what I do really fear is for those around me. At one stage I contemplated just walking in front of a motor vehicle. As soon as I thought about it, I thought of the person driving that vehicle. What would I put them in the motor vehicle through?

Take care always. Lotsa huggies, cuddles and kisses

It’s been very long time. AGAIN !

Note: I started this blog on the 5th of April 2013 and it has been in draft form. Sorry has taken so long to finish it. So I have kept the original draft and continued from there.

It’s been 7 months since I have looked at my blog, almost as long for my website. Fugster’s World.

2013 has been so far, has been filled with health problems.

For a few months now I’d been suffering from what was diagnosed as a gut problem. Very much like acid problems which seemed to start with tightening of my mid spine, through the chest and down the arm. On the 14th of March was the worst it had been, it eventually went away but seemed to last a couple of hours. I did get over heated and sweating, but did not feel light-headed or passed out.

It was not until the Sunday, 17th when was at Reno and Penny’s for lunch it hit again, although only mildly compared to the Thursday before. This time though Reno called an Ambulance. By the time the Ambulance got there it had started to subside but as I had cover for the Ambulance I was talked into going to the hospital for a check up.

Upon arriving I was moved through to the back area of Emergency Department, past the area where a couple of years before my siblings and I came and found out my mother had passed away. It had occurred to me as we went past the closed-door of the room.

After being placed in a cubicle bed I was questioned, poked and prodded, placed on an E.C.G machine and blood taken. It took some hours but they eventual told that I had, had a fairly severe heart attack, extremely low lung capacity coupled with high cholesterol and diabetes levels.

Was a quite some hours before I was moved to a ward and over the next couple days they decided I had heart damage, clotted arteries and would need a shunt inserted to open the arteries to the heart. They said during this I would remain awake under local anaesthetic as they passed a tube from my right chest area to place the shunt. All I remember was them doing the anaesthetic, next thing I was waking in ICU. Shortly after a doctor working under the surgeon came to see me checking the veins in my left leg to use where he informed me the shunt did not work. So the next alternative was a Triple Heart Bypass Surgery, which was done on the 22nd of March. I do not remember too much was like a waking dream, not awake but not asleep. Next time I was to wake I had a tube down my throat and the surgery was done.

The main concern of the doctors and nurse during my time in ICU was my diabetes levels which they kept close attention too, it being between 20 and 25 so was on an Insulin drip for most of the time. Once that was under control was able to move into a ward. I was put into a room by myself.

The pictures below are of the scaring from a few days after the operation and now when the scaring has healed for the most part.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was my first time in hospital since I was born so it’s a totally new experience. I can see why there are many supporters of the new hospital being built as I found it eerie place and after being told that the ward didn’t exist a few months before, somehow made it even more weird for me. How long before the ward was reopened was it closed for? With the state of not just Adelaide’s but Australia’s Health System with the sheer amount of wards and bed not being utilised because of funding restraints. But that is a bitch for another time.

For me I found it was like it was filled with an unnerving energy. Hard to explain but felt sometime claustrophobic with the oxygen having a dry, taste of death in the pipes supplying it. I was glad I had brought my CPAP machine into the hospital as it saved me from having to use piped in oxygen.

Footnote: Just after my surgery, my sister was visiting. I was my usual self, joking and happy for the post part. She asked me out of the blue:

“You do not fear death?”

For a long time, since I was young,  I believed I had no fear of death but kept it to myself. I could tell it was something that scared my sister, I guess she had reason.

I don’t fear death and haven’t for such a long time. The fear I do have is the effect of those around me, how it would affect them or a stranger who was to find me or I used to fulfil my feelings of suicide, a battle with for as long as I can remember.

Anyway my friends, this is where I will leave this blog and discuss my feelings about death & suicide in a later blog. Please if have any questions of comments feel free to message me. Take care my friends.

Hugs with Cuddles, Love and Kisses.

FREE HUGS Campaign

Juan Mann – FREE HUGS Campaign

It’s wondrous what a hug can do.
A hug can cheer you when you’re blue.

A hug can say, “I love You so”
Or, “I hate to see you go.”

A hug is “Welcome back again,”
And “Great to see you! Where’re you been?”

A hug can soothe a small child’s pain,
And bring a rainbow after rain.

The hug, there’s just no doubt about it—
We scarcely could survive without it!

A hug delights and warms and charms,
It must be why God Gave us arms.

Hugs are great for fathers and mothers,
Sweet for sisters, swell for brothers;
And chances are your favourite aunts
Love them more than potted plants.

Kittens crave them, puppies love them;
Heads of states are not above them.

A hug can break the language barrier,
And make travel so much merrier.

No need to fret about your store of ’em;
The more you give, the more there’s more of ‘em.

So stretch those arms without delay
And give someone a hug today!

Can’t believe it’s been so long

How time has flown past since I have written to my blog, almost 12 months since my last posting and 13 months since I transferred past blogs to this one.

My hobby site celebrates it’s 3rd Birthday this September and in that time has seen many changes, notably a name change and redesign. I hope it is easy to navigate and in a future blog I will discuss the sections of my website that seems to grow as ideas flow. Anyway I hope you enjoy your visit to my site Fugster Farder’s World and please sign my Guestbook.

Highlight of 2012 so far was the visit of my forever friend Ro’bin in February to Adelaide. Our first time meeting person to person and it was the best time of my last 2 years at least. Ro’ spent a week here, sad it was not longer but with luck he will be back in Adelaide to live by the end of the 2012.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I must admit by the end of the week I was rather buggered, hadn’t done so much walking in my life, well not in recent history, It was well worth it.

It was hard to see him leave but I know he will be back and I can only hope time will go quickly. Anyway take care my dear friends and I hope life finds you all happy and healthy always *hugs*

New Identity, A Fresh Start

Hello my friends. Again its been a very long time since I have done a blog, hope everyone has been happy and healthy.

People often ask me why I change my name so often. Since starting using the internet I have used many names. Bigmal, friends_n_chat, friendsNchat, fuglyfarter, fugly_farter to mention a few. I continue to try find an alter-ego that best leaves and is open to expansion. Fugly Farter although a misunderstood meaning to the name “Farter” it opened ideas for me to expand and create. Now I have decided maybe this identity should be change to something I hope is just as unique as the other Alter-ego. Changing the name from “Fugly Farter” to “Fugster Farder” I hope well open up to more ideas and expend at least one section of my website, “Frame of Mind”.

This section covers many areas of both personal and social issues covering things like suicide and gay issues. I myself have faced these issues in my life. indicated in “Who am I? Why was I born?”. I am not saying I have the answers but I have the experiences which I have found are common to many other people.


Take Care and Always Remember:

“A hug a day keeps the blues away”

Who Knows What The Future Holds

I been looking at my health a bit closer, asked my doctor, for sleep apnoea testing.

My friend Shinzo from Canberra was here earlier in the year and happened to take a short but revealing video of my sleeping. It showed that with ever snore I held my breath, sometimes for as long as the count of 5. Anyway got an appointment and saw the doctor at the chest clinic. I have a sleep apnoea test in December, which requires to sleep at the hospital so they can monitor it. Something quite new for me, last time I spent time in hospital was when I was born. Well something I gotta do. Also went to see a surgeon about my upper abdominal hernia. Can have surgery but he’s requested I need to lose some weight, between 16 and 26 kilo’s. I have started eating properly, instead of the one meal am having 3 now with a lot more fruit and vegetables. Not sure it’s doing much, guess will see with my next meeting with my doctor.

On the 14th of May I went and had 9 teeth removed, what fun that was. Saturday wasn’t feeling too crash hot ha-ha. Was due to go to my mothers for dinner on the Sunday night, she rang to find out how I was and told me to basically wear a mask so I didn’t catch cold, mother’s hey. I saw her on the Thursday before for a cup of coffee. Sadly at the time did not know would be the last time I would see her and the Saturday last time I would talk to her.

Sunday my brother rang saying she was taken to hospital by ambulance. She had trouble breathing, she asked for the ambulance and when left was in some distress but lucid, knowing what was happening around her. I went to pick my brother up and we went to the hospital, parked and went to the emergency. At the counter was a hassle, they had no record of her and the only female into the hospital was a 100-year-old women. While waiting my sister turned up and they finally found her on their computer, we were escorted into a small room and when the doctor and a hospital councillor came in they informed us she had passed away. Of course taken by surprise, shocked and siblings became emotional. We could not be given a reason just that she passed away, not sure if was on the way or at the hospital. We still do not know and still waiting for the final cause of death from the coroner.

I am feeling a lot of guilt, I just couldn’t feel any emotion, even now 2 months since her death and funeral I just feel empty inside. When my father died it took almost a year before I actually broke down and the took me getting absolutely blotto. Drank so much that night it just flooded through. Maybe it will be the case now, except now I do not drink alcohol. Maybe once things have been finalised completely I will grieve, but I must admit my lack of emotional release does worry me.

We knew what my mother wanted when it came to her death wishes, funeral and burial. She learned after my father died how much of a struggle the cost of a funeral actually is. She planned for it taking out funeral insurance, was more like life insurance, not sure funeral insurance was around in 1980 when she took out the policy. That basically covered the cost of the funeral and much of the burial site plot.

I think our mother would be proud on how much her children have banded together. Think it has surprised most people we have had to deal with. Sadly in many cases families splinter with petty differences that have nothing to do with their parent or parents deaths. We have consulted and arranged things together, rather than fought over stupid things, even has brought us closer together.

When meeting with the Funeral Director we tried to abide by our mother wishes, she wanted a cardboard coffin which seems to be the new craze. It was a shock when we found that cardboard was more expensive than a wooden box. The coffin we picked was around 1500 dollars where having a cardboard coffin was 2000 dollars more than that.

The funeral was held on the 27th May at the Salvation Army at Campbeltown. My mother a long time member there although she was not particularly religious, she loved the old women there, who she absolutely doted with, especially her what’s called Pollyanna. Each person is given a Pollyanna who they give Christmas presents too anonymously, these women often have no family and are alone.

There was a good turn out to the ceremony, about 100 people, many from her associations with the Salvo’s. What was surprising was her activities not just within the church but with other who she helped. She was very helpful to mostly single mothers with young children. Not only was she a nanna and great nanna for her 4 grand children and great-grandchild but also nanna to about a dozen other children.

This month we will finally lay her to rest, intern her ashes with my father and finally after about 30 years the site will finally be upgraded with a headstone with proper surrounding. It wont be as extravagant as the surrounding sites with its imported Italian marble monuments but it will be what her my mothers wishes were.

Anyway my friends, time to finish this edition of my blog. But I hope you will look at your future, prepare properly in case, you never know.

Just to add, this 28th of August my friend and neighbour will have been gone for 2 years. Only seems like yesterday he was laughing and enjoying life. He will be remembered always.

Bye my dear friends

Damn it’s been too long

G’day guyz, been such a long time since I have done a blog. I always intend to do them regularly but never seems to happen, sorry.

Website is moving along slowly, worked on the Arts, Frame of Mind, Fan club and Sports Trainers sections, none are finished but they are getting there as is the other sections. I am in no hurry, it is a hobby site and has no time restrictions. Have put a site news section, which can be accessed through the site menu. Anyway keep tabs, might be something of interest.

Life’s pretty much the same since my last entry in November last year. Was and I guess in some ways it hasn’t been as good as I would of liked but does it ever. Still single and looking for that one man to live the rest of my life with.

Learned that no matter how long friendship can be not is always as it seems. I am a rather tolerant, patient and forgiving person but those who I thought were close friends may not be that at all. I actually feel a bit used and that some friends remain friends only to make it easier for them. They only come and see you when they want something or to do something to property they have stored at your house. It was affecting me for sometime but now although sick of the situation I am not letting it bother me and have expressed to them I want it removed as soon as possible. I am assured a place is found but needs some cleaning first, maybe that’s an excuse.

Anyway will post this and continue later. Bye for now


A touching tribute to love

Mahmoud and Ayad were 17 years old

when they were publicly hanged on 19th July, 2005 in Iran.

Their crime was ….


It’s been 4 years since Mahmoud and Ayad deaths, but they will always be remembered as will all the others who died from the injustice of discrimination. Lets stop this persecution and hope it will never happen again, but of course in this small-minded world of ours these things will always happen unless the people’s of the world come together through the United Nations to stop this persecution.

More Info: Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni

Update – LONDON, July 16, 2006

New Revelations on Execution of Gay Teens in Iran

Outrage! and Huriyah dismiss official Tehran claims

As gays around world prepare to mark the first anniversary of the execution of two gay teenagers in Iran, there are new revelations about the execution of Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni in the Iranian city of Mashhad on July 19, 2005, based on research by Simon Forbes of OutRage! and contacts inside Iran.

And last week, Afdhere Jama, the editor of the gay Muslim magazine, Huriyah, spoke publicly on the executions a year ago.

“A year-long investigation into this case has revealed that the regime’s allegations against the two hanged youths, Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, are riddled with contradictions, implausibility’s and outright lies,” according to Peter Tatchell of OutRage!.

“At first it was claimed by Iranian officials that they were aged 18 and 19, then that they were 19 and 21, then aged 18 and 20, and finally they made the claim that they were both above 18 at the time of their alleged crimes.

“However, the best evidence is that both youths were aged 17 when they were executed and therefore minors, aged 15 or 16, at the time of their alleged crimes.  This execution of minors is in flagrant breach of international agreements the Tehran regime has signed.

“The method of hanging was specifically designed to cause a slow, painful death by strangulation,” Mr Tatchell pointed out.

“Concerning their crimes,” he continued, “at first it was claimed that they committed one rape and were child molesters, then that they had committed several rapes. By the autumn of 2005, the supporters of the regime were spreading rumours that they were serial child killers.

“Local sources in Mashhad state that Mahmoud and Ayaz were lovers, not rapists or child abusers – contrary to the homophobic propaganda of the Iranian regime and its western left-wing and Islamist apologists.

“Witnesses report seeing them together and obviously in love at a private party in 2003,” said Mr Tatchell.

“Mahmoud and Ayaz were charged with the capital crime of homosexuality after a disapproving family member reported their relationship to the police.

“At least one, and possibly both, of the hanged boys were members of Iran’s persecuted Arab minority.  Racism appears to have played a part in the stereotypical way they were portrayed by the regime as being ‘underclass’ thieves and hooligans.

“Informants inside Iran make it clear that the boys were of good character and that they came from decent, law-abiding families whose fathers had good jobs.”

Mr Tatchell said that the execution of Mahmoud and Ayaz conforms to a pattern of state torture and murder of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people by the Iranian clerical regime.

“In recent years, public executions for consensual gay sex have been rarer than in the past; apparently because the regime does not want to draw attention to its failure to eradicate same-sex behaviour in the ‘Islamic paradise’ of Iran,” he said.

“In publicised executions of gay couples, the men are often accused of the kidnap and rape of a younger male.  All such allegations need to be treated with extreme scepticism, as they tend to follow a suspiciously stereotypical formula.

“By instituting charges of kidnap and rape, the Iranian authorities apparently hope to discredit the victims, discourage public protests and deflect international condemnation.  They calculate that there will be little Iranian or international sympathy for people hanged for crimes like abduction and sexual assault,” said Mr Tatchell.

Afdhere Jama, editor of the queer Muslim magazine Huriyah, supports the view that Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were gay and that they were hanged because of their homosexuality.

He bases his belief on evidence he received from three people in the city of Mashhad, where they were hanged, including information from a person who knows the family of Ayaz Marhoni.

“According to my sources, the boys were arrested about a year and couple of months before the execution,” Afdhere Jama said.

“On the day of their arrest, five boys were fondling each other in a semi-public area.  Their ages were 13, 14, 15, 15 (Mahmoud), and 17 (Ayaz).  These are all boys that knew each other, and had homosexual relations with each other (perhaps for years).

“A woman called her civilian police husband who then tried to arrest them all (with the help of civilians), but only Ayaz, Mahmoud and a 13-year-old boy were caught.

“Because the age of consent for men in Iran is 15, the 13-year-old boy is automatically then classified raped by then 15 year old Mahmoud and 17-year-old Ayaz. So, in the eyes of the Iranian law, that boy was raped.

“Whether the other boys were a few years older or not is not even a question, not to mention whether he (the 13-year-old) was a willing participant.  Because the issue is homosexuality, it even carries a harsher sentence,” Mr Jama pointed out.

“It should be noted that none of the claims about ‘knife’ and ‘drunk’ are true, but trumped-up claims to support how these ‘heterosexual’ boys raped a ‘heterosexual’ teen.  The father of the 13-year-old boy claimed his son was raped because in the conservative society of Iran it is much better to have a heterosexual raped son than a homosexual willing participant.  Everyone and anyone from the east can identify with this.

“In reality, however, these boys faced many charges, including resisting arrest (for running away), disrupting public peace (because apparently the whole neighbourhood was in chaos because everyone wanted to hurt the boys who were committing homosexuality), public indecency (for having homosexual sex in public), and ultimately for homosexual/sodomy rape of men (which carries much tougher penalty than a heterosexual rape, for the 13-year-old), etc..

“It should also be noted that the Quds daily (newspaper) report that Human Rights Watch relied on is a government-controlled news agency, who have in the past and the present contribute news only acceptable to the government. As far as I know, there are really no independent Iranian news agencies which dealt with this story – because they could not honestly deal with it and get away with it,” said Mr Jama.

source: New Revelations on Execution of Gay Teens in Iran