Can’t believe it’s been so long

How time has flown past since I have written to my blog, almost 12 months since my last posting and 13 months since I transferred past blogs to this one.

My hobby site celebrates it’s 3rd Birthday this September and in that time has seen many changes, notably a name change and redesign. I hope it is easy to navigate and in a future blog I will discuss the sections of my website that seems to grow as ideas flow. Anyway I hope you enjoy your visit to my site Fugster Farder’s World and please sign my Guestbook.

Highlight of 2012 so far was the visit of my life partner Ro’bin in February to Adelaide. Our first time meeting person to person and it was the best time of my last 2 years at least. Ro’ spent a week here, sad it was not longer but with luck he will be back in Adelaide to live by the end of the 2012.

I must admit by the end of the week I was rather buggered, hadn’t done so much walking in my life, well not in recent history, It was well worth it.

It was hard to see him leave but I know he will be back and I can only hope time will go quickly. Anyway take care my dear friends and I hope life finds you all happy and healthy always *hugs*

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