New Identity, A Fresh Start

Hello my friends. Again its been a very long time since I have done a blog, hope everyone has been happy and healthy.

110609-230101CPeople often ask me why I change my name so often. Since starting using the internet I have used many names. Bigmal, friends_n_chat, friendsNchat, fuglyfarter, fugly_farter to mention a few. I continue to try find an alter-ego that best leaves and is open to expansion. Fugly Farter although a misunderstood meaning to the name “Farter” it opened ideas for me to expand and create. Now I have decided maybe this identity should be change to something I hope is just as unique as the other Alter-ego. Changing the name from “Fugly Farter” to “Fugster Farder” I hope well open up to more ideas and expend at least one section of my website, “Frame of Mind”.

a1a78230This section covers many areas of both personal and social issues covering things like suicide and gay issues. I myself have faced these issues in my life. indicated in “Who am I? Why was I born?”. I am not saying I have the answers but I have the experiences which I have found are common to many other people.

Time to meet someone special in my life.

)KNF9D2L0087GVW2RX5[AD9My friends, its my pleasure to introduce you to someone both special and important to my life.

Meet Ro’bin, 26 years old from China. We first met on a site called Cam4, December 2010. I believe it was fate for us to meet there. It was his first time there for him and it coincided with me displayed on the main page, something that is not common, maybe it was just a quiet night. Anyway it lead us to chatting away from the site. We found we had much in common like Classical Music and The Arts. Quite soon as we got to know each other better we shared a common attraction to each other which is developing each day that passes.

Ro’bin who works for a telecom company in the area of marketing, another subject of interest common to both of us. On weekends he travels to another city to do a MBA course and is now currently doing IELTS course in-between a break from his MBA studies.

After committing to each other in February this year, our relationship as with all relationships are never free of problems but our love has grown stronger and stronger as our openness and honesty has seen us work through our problems.


Now and Always

From your forever Husband

Well my friends, it is my hope that I will continue to update my blog more often than I have. I will be transferring my old blog entries in time and I hope you will follow my blog and continue to be an important part of mine and Ro’bins life.

Take Care and Always Remember:

“A hug a day keeps the blues away”


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