Welcome To My Life

For those who read this I am Gay but if your not,

It does not matter. I won’t hold that against you.

I do not believe and say that I am or believe anyone else is a normal, average or ordinary. Who we are is what we are and what we are is Unique and Special Individuals.


Does It Matter?

My parents asked if I’m gay, I said does it matter, They said not really, I told them Yes I’m Gay, They said get out of our lives.

I guess it mattered!

My Boss said are you gay, I said does it matter, My boss said not really, I told my boss, yes I’m gay, My boss said you’re fired queer.

I guess it mattered!

My friend asked if I’m gay, I said does it matter, My friend said no not really, I told my friend yes I’m gay, My friend said don’t call me friend.

I guess it mattered!

My lover said do you love me, I said does it matter, My lover said yes, I told my lover yes I love you, My lover said hold me in your arms.

For the first time something in my life matters.

God asked, Do you love yourself, I said does it matter, God said yes, I said how could I love myself if I am gay, God said because that is the way I made you.

Nothing will ever matter again.

Looking For

Friendship is open to all – No Age limits, male, female, straight, lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, intersex, even if your from outer space, add me as a friend, chat with me online and lets be life long mates.

About Me


“Always open to improvement, even so, I am who I am, know who I am and quite comfortable with who I am.”

Good sense of humour. loving, affectionate with a lot of love to give to my friends and especially to my man, with it based on friendship, respect, loyalty and above all openness and honesty.

Never be too quick to judge a book by it’s cover, there is always more to someone than what you see on the outside, friendship doesn’t mean sex, friendship has more applications than that.

“We are all more than the sum of our parts”

I am a down to earth, Aussie guy, who enjoys meeting new people. I believe I am completely open minded and am a good listener, that’s what friends do for friends. I don’t confess to know everything but I think I have a good life experience. Remember friendship is the start and the basis of any relationship and monogamy is the best relationship of all. I don’t sit here in judgement of anyone, you have your beliefs and I have mine, doesn’t mean we can not respect each other. I look forward to meeting you all online sometime. Take care, keep safe, happy and healthy.



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