Naturism – “My Days of Nudism”

na·tur·ist (noun)
1. A person who appreciates the beauty and benefits of nature.
2. A nudist.
Origin: 1675-85
Word Origin and History for Nudism
adjective and noun, from French nudiste or formed in English from nude (adj.) + -ist also see nudism.

Origin: 1925-1930

na·tur·ism|nud·ism (noun)

1. The practice of going nude, especially in places that allow sexually mixed groups, in the belief that such practice benefits health.

Hello my sweet friends, I decided I would write about my Naturism Lifestyle. Many people mistake a Naturist lifestyle as more of a sexual thing. It makes me sad sometime as a Naturist is really the official name for a non-sexual nudist. We enjoy spending our times nude, without the burdens of clothing dragging us now. Naturism is an ancient lifestyle going back to ancient time, prominent in places like ancient Greece where the Olympic participants competed nude.

In Adelaide, South Australia where I live we have a nudist beach about 40 km from the city centre. It was the first legal nudist beach in Australia, Maslins Beach opened in 1975 by the then the Premier Don Dunstan. Only half the beach is nudist, the southern end of the beach. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, there are 2 access points. At one end, the car park access from a seal road access is made through the clothed section. The other is on top of the cliffs, accessed by a dirt road. As you walk down there near the top of the cliffs is a toilet and outdoor shower. As you walk down the semi steep path you end up at the nude section of the beach.

Maslins Beach (1997)

A movie also is available, a cult movie obviously it is called “Maslins Beach”made in 1997. The acting is rather ordinary, but is made up by the beautiful scenery of the beach itself.

My Naturist Story


I have been a naturist myself since I was about 14 years old. My first trip to Maslins was a secret, I told my mother I was going to a friend’s house. Instead I took a bus into town, then a train and another bus to the seal car park of Maslins. Although I never been there before I started to walk to the southern end of the beach. I came up to a sign warning that I was moving into an unclad area. After a little ways further I seen nude people laying, walking and swimming. Anyway kept walking a little longer and saw the other path way through the cliff. I decided to go have a look up the path. As I walked up a steep path I came to a plato with green lawn, toilet block. There was 2 people, a man and woman using the outdoor shower. I walked back down the path to the beach. I set up on the beach, closer to the water but only undressed down to my underwear. At the time I did not feel comfortable going completely naked. I took my towel out of my bag and put my clothes into the bag. 

It felt really refreshing but I must admit that I was getting a little excited seeing all those naked people, ok the men ha-ha. It took about an hour before I took my underwear off and ran into the water. It felt so nice, just like taking a bath. I had to spend sometime in the water, had to hide my embarrassment. It took awhile but I left the water and laid down on the towel. I do not know how many people were at the beach, but there was many males and females of all ages. I spent about 4 1/2 hours at the beach before it was time to go home. I got dressed and walked back to the bus stop, I thought the bus would never come but it did and I managed to get home about 6pm. I was rather tired by the time I got home. It was a couple of weeks before I could go back.

Grant @ 15

I told my friend Grant about going there and he wanted to go there with me. That made it easier, I could stay at his house then we could both go to the beach the next day. Grant was ok if I went nude but he refused too. We left early Saturday morning, taking the trek of 2 buses and a train to get there. We walked down to the nudist section, I got naked and Grant stayed in his swim wear. We set up then went for a swim. The water at Maslins is very clear and unpolluted, when you swim out a little way there is a sand bank. Although Grant refused to go nude, it took a few hours but he finally felt comfortable enough to go nude. Grant and I became partners, often went back to the beach until we broke up when I was 16 years old. I continued to go to Maslins for some years but due to other circumstance it became less and less, especially after I left school in 1979.

For those who have read my blog “Who am I? Why was I born?” (not yet published). Grant and I had become partners, I was 14 years old and he was 15 years old.

In 1986 I was able to visit another place called Pelican Point Beach, about 220 km north-east of Adelaide. Not really a beach, it was more like a lake located at a Barmara’s Lake Bonney. In those days it was a place where people could camp along the lakes western foreshore. It is not a camping place any more due to the indigenous ownership of the lake but is located adjacent to the Pelican Point Nudist Resort. It remains a great place if you like lazing in the sun, canoeing, sailing, water skiing, or just getting away from life’s hassles. I hope someday I will visit Lake Bonney again.

My last visit to Maslins sadly was in January 2017 for the “Nude Games”. It has been going for some decades but stopped for a couple of years due to problems gaining insurance. Gladly I do not appear in the new footage ha-ha

There 2 other well-known nudist beach in South Australia that I have heard of but never been too sadly. Murrippi Beach located about 14.5 km from Whyalla. Murrippi is a secluded beach, it is along a dead-end dirt road, there is no facilities and is isolated. Beachport, home of the Sunland Holiday Village (Resort) about 350 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, Sunland Village also offers nudist camping. 

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